Product Name:REFORSIL 64
Product Group:Silane
Product Subgroup:Silane coupling agents
Chemical Name:3-Thiocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane
Chemical Structure:No preview avaliable.
CAS No.:34708-08-2
Characteristics and Application:REFORSIL 64 is able to improve the reinforcing properties of fillers that contain hydroxyl groups in all unsaturated polymers having double bonds or their blends. Silica, talc powder, mica powder and clay can be used in combination with REFORSIL 64 in polymers such as NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR, and EPDM. Similar to REFORSIL 69, which has already been used successfully in the rubber industry, REFORSIL 64 improves physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates. It is able to markedly improve tensile strength, tearing strength and abrasive resistance and reduce compression set of vulcanizates. In addition, it can reduce the viscosity and improve the processability of rubber products. Unsimilar to REFORSIL 69, REFORSIL 64 is able to offer the more considerable scorch safety than REFORSIL 69 even at high dosages. Even the special vulcanization performance can be completed.
Final Form and Packing:Amber-colored liquid supplied in 25 or 200 kg in plastic drum.