Characteristics and Application:
HD-OT20 is a new type of vulcanizing agent, it is the highest level product of insoluble sulfur. It widely used in rubber and tyre manufacturing industry. HD-OT20 Characterized by high thermal stability, high dispersiveness, high content and high fineness.Like Thermal stability. We can keep more than 80% of IS after 105℃×15min thermal stability test, and 50% more in 120℃×15min thermal stability test. It is a necessary and best vulcanizing agent for radial tires, expressly for the rubber tread compound vulcanization. It can make the tire cord, steel wire and the rubber mixed more solid. Its advantage is improving the quality of tires by lengthening the tire mileage and improving the abrasion resistance.

Insoluble sulfur can prevent the blooming of rubber during its store. It makes it possible to keep rubber's characteristics uniform, overcoming the defects of bad viscosity resulted from blooming, avoiding the pollution of products as well as moulds and cut down the gelatinizing step specially appended for preventing blooming. No migration in adjacent layers of rubber. The migration speed of common sulfur is very high especially in butyl rubber, and with the incorporation of insoluble sulfur, such phenomena can be avoided. Insoluble sulfur can disperse uniformly in rubber, so it can prevent the conglomeration of sulfur, and reduce the tendency of being scorched during store. Shorten the vulcanization time. When reaching the temperature for vulcanization, insoluble sulfur will go through a stage of activation, that is to say, a chain de-polymerization, which can quicken the vulcanization speed, reducing the amount of sulfur used, improving the aging characteristic of products. Insoluble sulfur exists in rubber in a dispersive state. It has a better viscosity, and at the same time can ensure the outer appearance of the products with light color. HD-OT20 product of Jinghai chem is with high thermal stability, high conversion and high dispersibility, which can improve the security and dispersibility in refining rubber.

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Lions Industries, Rubber Division is focusing on manufacturing and sales of broad portfolio of Rubber Chemicals.This includes Vulcanization Accelerators (Thiazoles, Sulphenamides, Thiurams and Guanidines),Pre-vulcanization Inhibitors (PVI), Antioxidants TMQ and both PPD´s.

Then big group represents Performance Chemicals and Insoluble Sulfur, and specialized products as SILANES and Rubber Masterbatches.

Our products are produced by processes certified according to standards ISO 9000:2000. Final forms available are Pellets (Granules), as well as Oil Coated Powder and Powder. We are able to supply our products in BIG BAGS (jumbo bags) and 20/25 kg PAPER BAGS on pallets. All packagings are in accordance with European Regulations.

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Investment policy aims into further increase of production capacity and adding all steps of synthesis to be able use all added value for next development of business as itself.  

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